• Super Performance Gain 16HP and 27 lb/ft of torque when engine is leaned to best rpm

  • Super Rate of Climb

  • Super Cooling - CHT’s and oil temps reduced, oil sump, alternator and starter do not absorb excess heat radiated by exhaust crossover pipe

  • Super Material - Heavy Duty 321 Stainless Steel, Muffler AD eliminated

  • Super Balanced Back Pressure - Equal length primary tubes, patented muffler baffles balance all 4 cylinders within .05PSI

  • Super Access – You can actually get to the starter and alternator- no crossover pipe in the way

  • Super Easy Maintenance- Entire system can be removed in 30 minutes without swinging the engine or removing any cowling

  • Super Construction-Entire system TIG welded by certified welders