Piper PA 18

Note : Power Flow Systems has purchased the assets of Leading Edge Exhaust Systems (LEES)

Bolt-On Horsepower. Complete replacement of your exhaust system.FAA approved by STC and for all PA-18 aircraft listed below

FMA/PMA Approved for the following models. with 150 ,160hp, and 180hp Engines

PA-18, PA-18S, PA-18 -105-( Special ), PA-18A, PA-18 “125” (Army L-2 1A), PA-18S “125”, PA-18 BAS “125”, PA-18″135″m (Army L-21 B), PA-18 BA “135”, PA-18S -135, PA-18AS- 135, PA-18-150·1 PA-18A -150, PA-18S-150, PA-18AS -150, PA-19 (Army L-18C) and PA-19S.

Our new Piper PA-18, Super Cub exhaust is designed to fit 150HP through 180HP engines. The 180HP engine is slightly wider than the 150HP – 160 HP engines. Our US Patented exhaust system is an entirely new design that performs very well and is much easier to install and maintain. The exhaust is routed through individual mandrel bent primary tubes with a wall thickness of .049″, 40% thicker than OEM.

The primary tubes are attached to a dual inlet crossover design muffler that can be easily removed to replace exhaust gaskets, perform cylinder maintenance and inspect the muffler baffles. With this new design the cylinder back pressure is much more balanced and the firing order is being utilized for peak performance. All four cylinders are within .05 PSI versus the original system that has a much higher variance of 1.5 PSI, a huge difference! This equates to more balanced EGT´s. Having individual primary tubes eliminates the hot spots and subsequent material failures of the OEM exhaust.

The muffler baffles are fabricated from heavy duty 1.75″ x.049″ wall tubing result for extended life. Due to the firing order, the baffles theoretically will only see exhaust from one cylinder at a time. The exhaust pulse will actually oscillate back and forth through the baffle. This will decrease the concentration of heat within the baffle.

The muffler AD has been eliminated by AMOC, Alternative Means of Compliance. The muffler can is oval shaped and has more effective heating surface than the factory supplied unit. The wall thickness is also 40% thicker than the original muffler.

The muffler is divided into 2 sections for carb and cabin heat. The carb heat side will supply rear seat heat. The removable overboard tube is a much larger 2.5″ diameter when compared to the stock tailpipe diameter of 2″ and the results are much better exhaust flow. Another tailpipe design, available soon, is a swept back version that allows the exhaust to be directed away from belly tank, float struts and landing gear. The entire exhaust system can now be removed in less than 30 minutes without removing one piece of cowling or swinging the engine!

This will decrease maintenance costs as well as wear and tear on the cowling, engine mount, cables and related components. Another major benefit is that our system removes the exhaust heat from the alternator, starter and oil sump areas by routing the pipes to the rear of the engine compartment. The stock crossover pipes are in very close proximity to these vital accessories.