STC Transfer Request

Power Flow Systems will generally authorize the STC transfer of a Power Flow exhaust system from one aircraft to another of the same make, model and engine size for a fee of $300.00 plus shipping. You will need to send a picture of the complete exhaust system, a picture of the black Power Flow identification tag and a completed STC transfer Request form (see below). The STC transfer authorization will allow you to receive technical support and be able to purchase exhaust parts for that aircraft.

We will review the pictures you send of the exhaust system to determine if you appear to have all of the correct parts that you will need for your installation.

Upon approval (typically within 2 business days) you will receive the most current set of installation instructions, instructions for continued airworthiness and an official "permission letter" from us titled to you and your aircraft for that specific exhaust serial number.

Please note: Permission of the STC holder is REQUIRED by federal law for you to be able to legally install an STC'd product onto your aircraft.

STC Authorization request form.pdf