Cessna 185

Note : Power Flow Systems has purchased the assets of Leading Edge Exhaust Systems (LEES)

Cessna 180, 182 and 185 “Power Monster Cross-Flow” TM

Replaces part number(s): 0750161-28, 0750161-29, CEM0002, A0750161-28, 0750161-61, 0750238-210, 0750238-210AWL, 0750238-47, CES0003, A0750238-47

US Patented Dual Exhaust System:

*According to customer dyno tests. The latest dyno test was done at Lycon Engines using one of Ken’s IO550 Exp. 11:1 compression ratio engines. It pulled 354 Hp and 668 pound feet of torque with the stock Cessna exhaust system @ 2700rpm and with Leading Edge Exhaust System’s “Power Monster Cross-Flow TM” dual exhaust, it pulled 381 Hp and 708 pound feet of torque @ 2700rpm, a 27 Hp gain and 40 pound feet of torque! Fits Continental 470, 520 & 550 Engines – U.S. Patent #’s 5768891, 6796402 & USD579841S