Cessna 182

Note : Power Flow Systems has purchased the assets of Leading Edge Exhaust Systems (LEES)

Bolt-On Horsepower. Complete replacement of your original exhaust system. FAA approved by STC for all Continental, non-turbocharged Cessna 182 models.

Cessna 180, 182 and 185 “Power Monster Cross-Flow” TM

US Patented Dual Exhaust System:

  • Converts antiquated high back pressure muffler to true dual exhaust

  • Dyno testing showed gain of 15HP & 28 pound feet of torque on an O-470 engine leaned to 2600 RPM

  • Less back pressure yields increased performance

  • Two totally independent high-performance mufflers

  • Heavy duty fully TIG welded construction

  • 1¾” x .049″ mandrel bent, equal length primary tubes

  • Patented 3-1 collector

  • 2 1/2" tailpipes, 4 hole 1/4" flanges