General Magazine Reviews on the Power Flow Tuned Exhaust

  • “…Power Flow systems offer among the best bang for buck of any mods we’ve reviewed.” – The Aviation Consumer – Feb. 2009

  • “There’s very little available on the aftermarket these days providing the same return rate on investment.” – The Aviation Consumer – Feb. 2009

  • “…we are convinced they have a well engineered product and they have made reasonable performance claims.” – Light Plane Maintenance – Sept. 2008

  • “…the company’s money back guarantee almost makes it a no-brainer to give it a try.” – The Aviation Consumer – Feb. 2009

  • “I’m not a test pilot but… even I could tell there was a difference. It was that obvious.” Flying Magazine, August 1999

  • "Although it’s not free, Power Flow has created the closest thing to free horsepower that we’ve seen.” AOPA Pilot, January 2000

  • “A rate-of-climb increase of about 20 percent is remarkable – not to mention the safety factor increase when leaving high-altitude airports or climbing through cloud layers.” Private Pilot Magazine, December 2000 (click to read)

  • “…boosts the Lycoming O-320’s output by at least 20HP, while simultaneously reducing fuel flow and lowering CHT’s. Geez, what a deal.” The Aviation Consumer, May 1999

  • “At the conclusion of the flights, there was no questions that the PFS had improved both climb and cruise performance.” Plane & Pilot,December 2006. (M20 200hp)

  • “Upon opening the large boxes, I was immediately impressed.” Cessna Owner Magazine, September 2002.

  • “This is a quantum leap in climb performance.” Cessna Pilots Association Magazine, August 1999

  • “In the aircraft industry, you see many “mods” claiming incredible changes to performance. It is refreshing to see one that actually lives up to its performance claims.” Cessna Owner Magazine, September 2002.

  • “The engine gets a more complete fuel burn. The effect in the cockpit is that it will take less throttle to get the same RPM” Aircraft Maintenance Technology Magazine, March 2005

Customer Reviews on the Power Flow M20 B,C,D, & G Tuned Exhaust System:

  • During climb the cylinder head temperature is 400 to 450 degrees, used to be 450 to 500 degrees; the oil temperature is 165 degrees, used to be 180 degrees. The climb rate has improved by at least 30%. The increase in speed using comparable RPM and manifold pressure, is about 5 to 6 mph.

Douglas Mcpherson - Concord, CA Mooney M20-G (O-360)

  • My airplane was highly modified before the installation of the Power Flow exhaust system. Among its many speed mods, it had a 201 windshied, nose mod, and wing tip extensions. It was no slouch, and therefore, I had no expectations of spectacular performance from the Power Flow. However, I was really impressed from the first moment of take off after installation. Take off roll was noticeably shorter, climb was noticeably better. Before PFS: Best take off climb at 120 mph @ full throttle/2700 rpm: 700 fpm Best cruise at 8000 ft @ full throttle (22.5" MP)/2500 rpm: 154 kts TAS After PFS: Best take off climb at 120 mph @ full throttle/2700 rpm:1200 fpm Best cruise at 8000 ft @ full throttle (22.5" MP)/2500 rpm: 161 kts TAS

Wejay Bundara - San Antonio, TX Mooney M20-C (O-360)

  • The installation fit of the Power Flow was very problems. The overall appearance was excellent..M20C installation looks classy.

Gary Watters - Lakeport, CA Mooney M20 C (O-360)

  • I was very pleased with both take off performance and level flight at 2,500 rpm / 25" manifold pressure.

Max Hyatt - Sun City, AZ Mooney M20C (O-360)

  • I have about 50 hrs on the new pf exhaust. I have achieved increases in indicated airspeed, true air speed, increased climb, and a vastly improved heater and thus defroster. Also the system has caused the cyl head temps to become very close together. My results are generally consistent with what PFS claimed would happen. The exhaust assembly appeared to be high quality and was easy to install, I am happy with my purchase.

Mike Lane - Springfield, IL Mooney (M20C)

  • I've been very happy with the performance gains I've received with my powerflow system. I had it installed right before Christmas and flew the airplane from Jacksonville, NC to San Diego, CA the next week. Cruise speed was much improved. I can now indicate about 142 knots at 2350 rpm and 23.5". I can lean the EGT to about 1450 deg versus 1350 deg with the old exhaust. I have not had a chance to do a very scientific comparison between the old and new performance. However, I recently flew to Big Bear, Ca from Oceanside. I took off with half tanks, three people, and skiing gear. I was able to maintain 500 fpm rate of climb or better up to 9500', which is what I needed to clear the mountains. I was indicating 125 knots at altitude with 22" MAP and 2350 rpm. Taking off from Big Bear (6748' field elev) that evening with the same gear but about 10 gal less fuel I got off the runway in about 2500'. These values are much better than I was able to get with the old exhaust.

Matt Gioia - Rock Hill, SC Mooney (M20C)

  • Take off roll and climb, more right foot necessary. Climb is better (up to 200 fpm increase). More airspeed in cruise. Manifold pressure can be reduced approximately 2 inches.

Guido Peiterle/Ernest Schaer - Wernetshausen, Switzerland Mooney M20 C (O-360)