Cessna 185 Exhaust System Review :

The exhaust on my Cessna A185F on Aerocet 3500L has made a difference. Yesterday, I left with full fuel, 4 people, baggage with 90F temperatures and no wind. With the new exhaust, the airplane is an animal, breaking the water and climbing at 1000 FPM. The exhaust lowered my CHTs by 20-30 degrees, evened out my EGTs to +/- 40 degrees and increased my airspeed on floats 2-3 knots. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the new exhaust.

Brad Libby, Chief Executive Officer, The Motorbrain Group

General Reviews of our exhaust system :

"I gained approx. 8-10kts , in air speed "

“I gained approx. 8-10kts , in air speed in wheel ski configuration and 25-35 degree reduction in cylinder EGT readings”. I will update you with more photos and testimonials as the year goes on, configured with wheels and Amphibian floats.


Northern Saskatchewan

"3200 maintenance free hours "

I have used a Leading edge Exhaust on my Cessna 206 for 3200 maintenance free hours.

S. Elg

Anchorage, AK

"Take- off was reduced by nearly half "

My experience after your PMCF dual exhaust system was installed on C-182K -67′ with almost 200 flight hours is:

  • The fuel burning was reduced from 60 to 57 liters!!

  • The take- off was reduced by nearly half.(with combination STOL kit).

  • Climb rating to 3000m reduced from 20min to 17 min.

  • Climb rating to 3500m 21-22 min.

  • I also installed also Sportsman Stol and Madras super wing tips!


"The new exhaust system has been a definite asset "

I installed the new leading edge exhaust on my C-A185F on Whipline 3730 amphibious floats,to achieve better performance in hot weather no wind take-off conditions.

After installation of the PMCF exhaust (NOTE: Installation of the system is simple and hassle free) I immediately noticed a considerable difference in take-off performance off the water. High ambient temp with high humidity is no longer an issue! The cylinder head temps have also decreased 10-15’F on average. The new exhaust system has been a definite asset to our Fishing Lodge at Macintyre Lake , in Northern Saskatchewan , Canada, flying supplies in and out of the lodge.

Quinn Darichuk