Magazine Reviews on the Power Flow C-172 Tuned Exhaust System:

  • "Although it's not free, Power Flow has created the closest thing to free horsepower that we've seen." “…the airplane could reach redline rpm in cruise, something this Skyhawk was unable to do before.” AOPA Pilot, January 2000 (click here to read)

  • “A rate-of-climb increase of about 20 percent is remarkable – not to mention the safety factor increase when leaving high-altitude airports or climbing through cloud layers.” Private Pilot Magazine, December 2000. (click here to read)

  • “This is a quantum leap in climb performance.” Cessna Pilots Association Magazine, August 1999

  • “I’m not a test pilot but… even I could tell there was a difference. It was that obvious.” “…the difference was obvious by comparing our height as we flew over the windsock during the two takeoffs.” Flying Magazine, August 1999 (click here to read)

  • “In the aircraft industry, you see many “mods” claiming incredible changes to performance. It is refreshing to see one that actually lives up to its performance claims.” Cessna Owner Magazine, September 2002. (click here to read)

  • “The engine gets a more complete fuel burn. The effect in the cockpit is that it will take less throttle to get the same RPM” Aircraft Maintenance Technology Magazine, March 2005 (click here to read)

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Customer Reviews on the Power Flow C-172 Tuned Exhaust System:

  • When I ordered my PowerFlow last June, I asked for a fast shipment if possible because I had a fishing trip organised a couple of weeks later in July; I received it just in time for my northern Quebec fishing trip and I have to tell you how happy I am with my new exhaust system. I'm now easier and faster out of the water, I have better fuel economy and my engine runs smoother than never before! I'm really fully satisfied and it's worth every penny. I had the choice in June between repainting my bird or the P.S. , I followed my mechanic advise: when you're on a small lake, the most important is the horse in front...go for the PowerFlow system first! Thanks again for the fast shipment

Serge Paquet - Quebec Canada C-172 (O-320)

  • I installed my powerflow on my 172N and it made the aircraft not only sound better, but the installation was so simple and directions were perfect. I can tell you I gained 200 fpm at max gross. There has been times now with full fuel and just myself I’m able to peg 1200 fpm I have never been in a 172 that can do that. Fuel burn is about the same. Harder to keep your foot out of it so to speak. At 9,000 feet I still had to keep power back from WOT in my last cross country to keep it at 2550, ROP. Amazing product.

William Mastley - C172N

  • Definitely more power! I climbed so steep that the ashes from my pipe fell into my eyes.

Port McNeill Aviation - C172 (O-320)

  • Had 125RPM more, take-off was about 100-150 FPM more, noise level was from 25 to 50% less.

Bill Long - Statesboro, GA C-172P (O-320)

  • Shorter take-off, improved rate of climb, cylinder head temperatures lower, exhaust gas temperatures lower, MORE HORSEPOWER. AWESOME!! Roger D. Hrdlicka - Edgewood, WA C-172M (O-320)

  • Unbelievable, first takeoff was a real surprise of satisfaction with approximately 1000 feet per minute and passing through 1800 feet before reaching the end of our 5000 ft runway. Also had 150 mph ground speed easy. I'm very pleased with everything about this exhaust system and will definitely be installing more.

Gary C Sipes - C-172N (O-320)

  • Easy to install and perfect fit; gain of 90 RPM static using strobe tach; in float plane configuration, aircraft gets on the step much faster; reaches 2700 RPM as soon as it leaves the water.

Jean - Raymond St. Laurent - Quebec, Canada C-172L (O-320)

  • The overall appearance of the Power Flow is "kewl". Ceramic is a must - looks clean. The airplane felt like it was turbo charged!! It climbs at 950+ FPM. Nice job!!!

Bill Schirmer - Pacoima, CA C-172 (O-320)

  • Since the Power Flow installation, a considerable improvement in performance is apparent. Although the take off roll is not greatly reduced, the climb performance is noticeable. There is no engine vibration, engine sound is constant, and a slight cabin noise reduction is noted. Flying in the mountains requires a confidence in your aircraft and for the pilot to negotiate where to fly the aircraft for a comfortable ride. The Power Flow exhaust has allowed the aircraft to maintain a climb performance in this situation, with a constant RPM and for the aircraft to reach that altitude without any indication of laboring. I would recommend this exhaust installation to any New Zealand aircraft owner.

Sue Telford - Chief Pilot, 45 South Syndicate, Wanaka, New Zealand C-172 (O-320)

  • I could tell a difference right away on take off. I operate off a 2,000 ft strip with mountains and trees all around. The extra horsepower has given me the margin of safety I was looking for. It has reduced take off distance by at least 200 ft or more with climb rate of 800 to 1,000 FPM. Prior to the installation of the system, I used all 2,000 ft of runway and there was not a lot of clearance over the tree tops at the end of the runway. I now have at least 150 to 200 feet clearance above the tree tops on take off. Thanks.

Robert Hershberger - Grantsville, MD C-172M (O-320)

  • The Power Flow was installed in on my airplane in June of 2000. I now have 4,200 hours on it. It still runs like a champ.

Paul Tosch - Tosch Aircraft, Gig Harbor, WA C-172N (O-320)