Virtual AirVenture "V-OSH" Discount

Updated: 07/28/2020 at 1015 - Sale deadline extended to 8/7/20

Do you feel a sudden, uncontrollable, urge to point your aircraft towards the tiny town of Oshkosh, WI, during the month of July?

Does your nose twitch slightly with anticipation when the scent of burned high octane fuel (or JP-4) wafts by?

Do your eyes involuntarily scan the skies when the deep, rhythmic, rumble of a radial engine reaches your ears?

Yup – You’ve got it all right!

A classic case of AirVenture Withdrawal Syndrome: A common affliction affecting all true aviators this year, caused by the cancellation of AirVenture at Oshkosh.

While there is as yet no cure, Power Flow is pleased to do our part to help alleviate some of the symptoms with our Virtual Oshkosh Special:

From now through Friday, August 7, 2020 our standard Pick Your Price / Lead time based discounts will remain in effect. For most of our kits, that means a retail discount of at least $500.00 and the ship date in effect at the time of your order.

With our V-OSH Show Special, we will increase that discount by $100.00 for every five orders placed during the event as outlined in the table above.

How's that work, you ask? Simple: Each and every certified exhaust system ordered with at least a three week lead time from 07/11 through 08/07 counts toward the total.

You already know what lead time discount you are getting. Now sit back and encourage your friends who have been thinking about a Power Flow to step up. Once we have 6 orders, everyone gets a bonus discount of $100 deducted from their invoice. We hit 11, and everyone saves another $100, and so on. The maximum rebate is $500 for 26 or more orders.

To make your decision even easier, we are reducing the deposit required to confirm your order to just $1,000.00 (down from the normal $1,500). This will confirm a production slot at the discounted price and assign a ship date. The remaining balance will be due three days prior to your system’s scheduled ship date.

As has always been our policy, your deposit is 100% refundable should your circumstances change. We believe this is particularly important given the potential for turbulence ahead.

A few points to keep in mind:

1) The Virtual Show Special applies to our legacy FAA Certified Power Flow Tuned Exhaust Systems only. The LEES (Leading Edge) products are eligible for a special introductory offer (contact us for details) but do not count toward the progressive discount total.

2) Everyone who places an order while the promotion is in effect gets the maximum discount attained so it doesn’t matter whether your order is the first one we receive today, or the last one we receive on August 7th. You’ll still get the full discount shown above based on the total number of orders we receive during the event.

3) The lead times and ship by dates will, of course, have to be adjusted going forward based on our order backlog and production capacity. Our product web pages will be kept updated with the current lead times. We will confirm those numbers with you before we process your deposit payment.

You can check on our progress (and the current discount level) by refreshing this web page whenever it’s convenient. If & when the deal gets too good to pass up (remember that the Show Special discount is in addition to our standard Pick Your Price lead time based discounts – currently at $500.00 for most systems), you can just click on the secure, encrypted payment link below to place your order.

This link can be used to make payments via either credit card or e-check by selecting the appropriate options:

Secure Payment Link

If you prefer, you can call us with your credit card account info at (386) 253-8833 when you have about 5 minutes to complete the transaction. Please do NOT e-mail your credit card info to us.

Upon receipt of your deposit we will contact you again to confirm the configuration, ship by date, and applicable discounts for your order.

Terms and Conditions apply to this offer:

  • Production slots at the discounted prices are on a first come first serve basis and are limited to available capacity. A $1000 deposit is required to lock in your production slot, options selection and savings amount.
  • Sale offer subject to change without notice.
  • Valid on New Complete Tuned Exhaust Kit orders ONLY, not valid for prior orders.
  • All deposits are 100% refundable in accordance with our money back guarantee. See guarantee for details.
  • Cannot be combined with any other offer (except Power Bucks).
  • Valid on current production STC'd kits only. This offer does not apply to systems currently under development, exhausts for Experimental aircraft, or Introductory priced systems (All Leading Edge Exhausts are excluded from this offer).
  • Valid from July 11 through August 7 only. Your deposit must be received by August 7, 2020 at 1700 (EST) in order to qualify for this pricing. Final balance must be paid within 30 days of promised ship date or else be subject to order cancellation.
  • For internet orders, list the shipping speed and/ or discount level/dollar amount that you are selecting in the comment section of the order page, and an updated invoice will be emailed to you along with our estimated ship date.
  • Your invoice will automatically be credited with any additional V-OSH bonus discount dollar amount by August 21, 2020. If your order has been shipped, a refund back to your original method of purchase will be made.
  • Still reading? We applaud your attention to detail! Please be assured you’ll love the exhaust system. We guarantee it, in writing and will give your money back if you aren't happy with it. So what are you waiting for?

We may not be able to indulge in our shared passion for all things that levitate “face-to-face” this year. We sincerely hope, however, that the palliative outlined above will help us all get through this bout of AirVenture Withdrawal Syndrome with as much good cheer and optimism as possible.

In the meantime:

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, & -

All the Best!