Six Cylinder Cessna for Cessna 180, 182, 185, 205-210 along with PA18 and PA12 Exhausts Coming Soon -

Power Flow Announces Acquisition of Leading Edge Exhaust Systems:

Updated April 11, 2021.

For twenty-twoyears, Power Flow Systems, Inc. has been providing high performance exhaust systems for many iconic General Aviation aircraft. There are now well over 5,900 Power Flow systems installed and flying on aircraft worldwide. We are pleased to announce the continuation and expansion of this proud tradition of service through the acquisition of assets from Leading Edge Exhaust Systems, LLC.

We are now adding Cessna 180 - 185 and 205 - 210 to our tuned exhaust products, as well as systems for Piper PA12, PA18, and PA20/22. PA 20/22 are sold through the current STC holder, Wayne Law at 801-920-4518. We are now taking deposits for all of Leading Edge's products (excluding the PA20/22) with a plan to start shipping the C180-185 products in the first quarter of 2021. Other product lines will be shipping later in 2021.

You can secure our discounted introductory pricing by providing us with a firm order and deposit of $750.00. Once we issue you with a planned ship date then a further $750.00 will due. The balance will not be due until we are ready to ship. The deposit is always refundable but it is not transferable to another customer. First shipping priority will be offered to customers who had deposits with Leading Edge when they ceased operation. To place a deposit online, click here.

To see our updated product pages for each product, please click on the products link above or click on the appropriate product page(s) below.

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