Risk Free Guarantee

Introducing Our Risk Free Guarantee - Now Includes Labor

We know that it works, more than 5,500 Satisfied Customers worldwide know that it works and our Power Flow Preferred Dealers know that it works . . .

But what happens if it doesn’t work on YOUR airplane?

In these tough times, who wants to gamble with their hard-earned dollars? You don’t want to and Power Flow doesn’t want you to, either. That’s why, in cooperation with our network of Preferred Dealers listed below, we are pleased to announce our Risk Free Guarantee.

As the name implies, this program lets you buy a Power Flow Tuned Exhaust System for your airplane, have it installed by one of our Preferred Dealers, and go fly with it for 60 days, absolutely risk free!

If it works like we know it will, Great! Welcome to the world of higher performance!

If the system doesn’t live up to YOUR expectations, or even if it does but you just don’t like all that extra horsepower, simply fly your airplane back to the Preferred Dealer (who originally installed your Power Flow). He will remove the Power Flow System and re-install your original exhaust, no questions asked.

So if you buy it and return it, what will this grand experiment end up costing you? $0.00 / Nada / Zilch!

As we have done for more than 20 years with our industry leading money back guarantee, Power Flow will refund your purchase price for the Tuned Exhaust System. Under our new Risk Free Guarantee we will also refund the outbound shipping charges to a maximum of $150.00 and our Preferred Dealers will do the following for YOU:

#1.) Refund their labor charges for the installation of the Power Flow

#2.) Remove the Power Flow and re-install your original exhaust (as long as it is airworthy) at no charge

#3.) Ship the Tuned Exhaust System back to us at no charge to you.

So, what’s the catch? There is none - Simply use one of our preferred dealers and give our tuned exhaust a try.