• Magazine Reviews on the Power Flow Mooney Tuned Exhaust System

  • “At the conclusion of the flights, there was no questions that the PFS had improved both climb and cruise performance.” Plane & Pilot, December 2006. (M20 200hp)

  • "As with climb performance, the PFS seems to deliver its greatest advantage at high-altitude and lean-mixture settings. At 11,500 feet, my airplane’s true airspeed improved from 140 to 145 knots." Plane & Pilot, December 2006.

  • "...the airplane sounds, well, broad-chested and snarly, deeper-throated and determined." Pacific Flyer, November 2005

Customer Reviews on the Power Flow Mooney Tuned Exhaust System

  • I flew into KDAB and had a local install performed on my 1970 M20F. The GEN2 system fits great with good clearance about the alternate air supply valve. The cabin heater works as well as before. The pipes seem to now have a new bass tone quality. The installation looks great and it seemed to be a very quick installation. Their A&P made the installation look easy. The old system was removed and the new system proper was roughed in place in just a few hours. I had the prop dynamically balanced (I consider this a must have). I am still evaluating the performance boost. I have flown three cross country flights each a minimum of two hours. I notice a definite gain in climb performance and at cruise speed. With WOT/50ROP/2500rpm/7000ft/OAT 58 F/Fuel flow 11.5 GPH, my JPI shows that I have new operating values. I see a drop in oil temp of about 15 deg F down to approximately 186 F while the CHT’s seem to be recording about 15 to 20 degrees lower, too, down to 340-C3 to 310-C4 F. I'm keeping mine. -Lamar Wilson -M20F

  • I am extremely happy with the new exhaust purchased for my Mooney M20F model, my climb performance has improved nicely, with a fairly consistent 200 - 300 fpm better climbout on takeoff. I also have a healthy increase in true airspeed, with approx 4 - 5 kts better than before. Fuel consumption remains about as great as it was before. Had no problems climbing up to 17k when requested by ATC the other day. This being one of the first systems fitted to an F model I also received good support from the factory to resolve an installaton issue. This is a great bolt on extra. Dave Williams - M20F Houston, TX

  • The installation looks great and sounds great. While I haven't had enough time to do a quantitative analysis, the seat of the pants dyno tells me we are making more power than before. John Drake - M20J, Sterling, VA

  • Here is a report on the Power Flow Systems tuned exhaust installed in my 1977 Mooney J model, N201SA. To sum it up, this product is everything you say it is and more. Overall, I am seeing improved rate of climb, roughly 200 fpm at 10k feet, improved TAS, lower fuel burn rate and significantly cooler oil and cylinder head temperatures. Immediately after installing my tuned exhaust, I flew across country and back, so I now have some good, consistent data points. At 12k feet, full throttle, 2500 RPM I am getting 160 kts at 9 gph. At 14k feet, full throttle, 2500 RPM I am getting 155 kts at 7.8 gph. And at 16k feet I am getting 146 kts at 7.2 gph. These numbers are based on a takeoff weight of about 2500 lbs. I am seeing oil temperatures at cruise of about 180-185 degrees even on warm day. At climb, the temperature usually stays right around 200 degrees. I haven't tried climbing past 16k feet, but I think I could make it to 18k without too much trouble. At 12k feet, TAS has increased about 7-9 kts at about the same or slightly greater burn rate. At higher altitudes, the increase in TAS was a little bit less, but at a significantly lower (.5-.7gph) burn rate. EXCELLENT PRODUCT!!! Bruce Komito - Incline Village, NV M20J

General Magazine Reviews on the Power Flow Tuned Exhaust

  • “…Power Flow systems offer among the best bang for buck of any mods we’ve reviewed.” – The Aviation Consumer – Feb. 2009

  • “There’s very little available on the aftermarket these days providing the same return rate on investment.” – The Aviation Consumer – Feb. 2009

  • “…we are convinced they have a well engineered product and they have made reasonable performance claims.” – Light Plane Maintenance – Sept. 2008

  • “…the company’s money back guarantee almost makes it a no-brainer to give it a try.” – The Aviation Consumer – Feb. 2009

  • “I’m not a test pilot but… even I could tell there was a difference. It was that obvious.” Flying Magazine, August 1999

  • "Although it’s not free, Power Flow has created the closest thing to free horsepower that we’ve seen.” AOPA Pilot, January 2000

  • “A rate-of-climb increase of about 20 percent is remarkable – not to mention the safety factor increase when leaving high-altitude airports or climbing through cloud layers.” Private Pilot Magazine, December 2000

  • “…boosts the Lycoming O-320’s output by at least 20HP, while simultaneously reducing fuel flow and lowering CHT’s. Geez, what a deal.” The Aviation Consumer, May 1999

  • “Upon opening the large boxes, I was immediately impressed.” Cessna Owner Magazine, September 2002.

  • “This is a quantum leap in climb performance.” Cessna Pilots Association Magazine, August 1999

  • “In the aircraft industry, you see many “mods” claiming incredible changes to performance. It is refreshing to see one that actually lives up to its performance claims.” Cessna Owner Magazine, September 2002.

  • “The engine gets a more complete fuel burn. The effect in the cockpit is that it will take less throttle to get the same RPM” Aircraft Maintenance Technology Magazine, March 2005