General Magazine Reviews on the Power Flow Tuned Exhaust

  • “…Power Flow systems offer among the best bang for buck of any mods we’ve reviewed.” – The Aviation Consumer – Feb. 2009

  • “There’s very little available on the aftermarket these days providing the same return rate on investment.” – The Aviation Consumer – Feb. 2009

  • “…we are convinced they have a well engineered product and they have made reasonable performance claims.” – Light Plane Maintenance – Sept. 2008

  • “…the company’s money back guarantee almost makes it a no-brainer to give it a try.” – The Aviation Consumer – Feb. 2009

  • “I’m not a test pilot but… even I could tell there was a difference. It was that obvious.” Flying Magazine, August 1999

  • "Although it’s not free, Power Flow has created the closest thing to free horsepower that we’ve seen.” AOPA Pilot, January 2000

  • “A rate-of-climb increase of about 20 percent is remarkable – not to mention the safety factor increase when leaving high-altitude airports or climbing through cloud layers.” Private Pilot Magazine, December 2000 (click to read)

  • “…boosts the Lycoming O-320’s output by at least 20HP, while simultaneously reducing fuel flow and lowering CHT’s. Geez, what a deal.” The Aviation Consumer, May 1999

  • “At the conclusion of the flights, there was no questions that the PFS had improved both climb and cruise performance.” Plane & Pilot,December 2006. (M20 200hp)

  • “Upon opening the large boxes, I was immediately impressed.” Cessna Owner Magazine, September 2002.

  • “This is a quantum leap in climb performance.” Cessna Pilots Association Magazine, August 1999

  • “In the aircraft industry, you see many “mods” claiming incredible changes to performance. It is refreshing to see one that actually lives up to its performance claims.” Cessna Owner Magazine, September 2002.

  • “The engine gets a more complete fuel burn. The effect in the cockpit is that it will take less throttle to get the same RPM” Aircraft Maintenance Technology Magazine, March 2005

Customer Reviews on the Power Flow AA5 Tuned Exhaust System:

  • I had the power flow exhaust system installed this past week and I have to say that the power increase is very noticeable. On climbout from the airport that installed the system, the increase in climb rate was significant, the groundspeed was higher (by how much I do not know, but it is enough to notice). This was certainly money well spent.

Greg Hach - New York, NY Grumman AA5 Traveler (O-320)

  • Rate of climb - much better. Fuel burn - significantly reduced.

Robert Lambert - West Palm Beach, FL Grumman AA5A Cheetah (O-320)

  • My climb angle surprised me!!

William Hartman - Carson, NV Grumman Cheetah (AA-5A)

  • I have 160hp engine. I flew to a density altitude of 12,500 and I was still climbing at 400fpm. I'm getting at least 200fpm increase in climb. I like the sound of the muffler and the engine runs much smoother. Also, my takeoff roll has improved with two people and full tanks we are still taking off at least 200ft quicker from run way.

John McKenna - Parker, CO Grumman American (AA5)