General Magazine Reviews on the Power Flow Tuned Exhaust

  • “…Power Flow systems offer among the best bang for buck of any mods we’ve reviewed.” – The Aviation Consumer – Feb. 2009

  • “There’s very little available on the aftermarket these days providing the same return rate on investment.” – The Aviation Consumer – Feb. 2009

  • “…we are convinced they have a well engineered product and they have made reasonable performance claims.” – Light Plane Maintenance – Sept. 2008

  • “…the company’s money back guarantee almost makes it a no-brainer to give it a try.” – The Aviation Consumer – Feb. 2009

  • “I’m not a test pilot but… even I could tell there was a difference. It was that obvious.” Flying Magazine, August 1999

  • "Although it’s not free, Power Flow has created the closest thing to free horsepower that we’ve seen.” AOPA Pilot, January 2000

  • “A rate-of-climb increase of about 20 percent is remarkable – not to mention the safety factor increase when leaving high-altitude airports or climbing through cloud layers.” Private Pilot Magazine, December 2000 (click to read)

  • “…boosts the Lycoming O-320’s output by at least 20HP, while simultaneously reducing fuel flow and lowering CHT’s. Geez, what a deal.” The Aviation Consumer, May 1999

  • “At the conclusion of the flights, there was no questions that the PFS had improved both climb and cruise performance.” Plane & Pilot,December 2006. (M20 200hp)

  • “Upon opening the large boxes, I was immediately impressed.” Cessna Owner Magazine, September 2002.

  • “This is a quantum leap in climb performance.” Cessna Pilots Association Magazine, August 1999

  • “In the aircraft industry, you see many “mods” claiming incredible changes to performance. It is refreshing to see one that actually lives up to its performance claims.” Cessna Owner Magazine, September 2002.

  • “The engine gets a more complete fuel burn. The effect in the cockpit is that it will take less throttle to get the same RPM” Aircraft Maintenance Technology Magazine, March 2005

Posted 12/04/15: Cardinal Flyers Online Fly-in 2105 - multiple testimonials from C177RG and FG:
Posted 12/04/15: Customer Reviews on the Power Flow C-177RG Tuned Exhaust System:
  • “In my airplane the Powerflow provides substantial benefits in takeoff and climb and a truly remarkable increase in speed. It turns the Cardinal RG into a noticeably different airplane. I'm looking forward to having the extra performance available in short fields, at high altitudes, under heavy loads and on hot days. And the extra cruise speed and/or efficiency won't be hard to take either!” K. Peterson, Cardinal Flyers

  • “The fuel flow is dramatically improved, speeds (TRUE) are improved, and the engine runs cooler.” P. Fisher, WV

  • “...I do like it, I’m getting impressive numbers. ...I do appreciate the after sales support – very professional and again, I encourage anyone to try Power Flow – they won’t be disappointed.” L. St. Hilaire, AB – Canada

  • "A PowerFlow exhaust was installed on my RG last week, and I was amazed at the difference it made! Acceleration and climb were dramatically better, and cruise was somewhere between 5 and 7 knots faster. With two full-sized guys aboard as passengers and full fuel it performed like it used to with only me aboard. I had been worried that the exhaust note would be annoying, but it's actually rather enjoyable - more of a confident snarl during takeoff than a hum. When I bought my RG over two years ago, I accepted that it wasn't as frisky as other Cardinals I had flown because its engine was close to TBO. But the Power Flow exhaust has rejuvenated it. In fact, I was having so much fun flying it that I spent a lot of money on avgas over the weekend! " J. Peck '77 RG N52044 at Paine Field, Everett, WA

  • " new powerflow exhaust has been installed on my Cardinal RG and I couldn’t be happier. My speed improvement seems to be about 8 kts with slightly higher fuel flows. Matching book speeds, I seem to be able to save about 0.6 GPH. Quite impressive performance. Installation was very straightforward and it fit like a glove. Excellent product! J. Jeans '71 177RG

  • “The extra power on climb out with my new tuned exhaust is quite excellent. Next to a turbo conversion, the PowerFlow is the most significant modification to improve the performance of the C177-RG. I have nothing but good things to say about your company. Thanks again!” A. Petropolis '78 177RG

  • "For anyone considering Powerflow but undecided. I have had it installed on my RG since late spring and couldn't be happier with it. I won't say the performance increases will pay back the purchase price in the short term, but the emotional high from having a plane that performs so well on such a small fuel burn is very satisfying. In addition, the ability to carry a full load out of short and/or higher fields on a hot day and the added safety when operating high, heavy or hot makes it worth the investment to me.I'm not suggesting anyone exceed the operating limits of the plane, just that this mod gives the plane the performance that it should have, and maybe a little more. Consistent 148 to 150 knots true on 10 gallons per hour and up to 154 on 11+.Best rate climb lightly loaded in excess of 1100 fpm even on the hottest days. Much more on cool days. Full load hot day climbs of 800 to 900 fpm with better in cool weather. Cruise climb sustained at 500 fpm on a hot day to 8000 ft. fully loaded. Quite a bit more if light or cool.I apologize that these are general numbers rather than actual test results. My intent is only to say that the PowerFlow met and possibly exceeded my expectations. An added plus is that Tyler, Darren and all the other folks at PowerFlow are great. B. Wallen '76 RG

  • Hey PowerFlow folks, I finally had a chance to really test out the cabin heating capablities of your system for the Cardinal RG. Last Sunday with air temps around 10F on the ground and 5F at 6500', my cabin was nice and toasty. I was comfortable in just shirt sleeves. Best part was the cabin heat was much better on the ground during taxi and takeoff. My PF exhaust works much better the stock (but you guys knew it would). Thanks. B. Hutchings

  • This is an excellent product. I recommend it highly to all my pilot friends. There is a noticable improvement in climb performance, especially at higher density altitudes. A. Petropolis '78 177RG