Pick Your Price Discount Program- How It Works

“It looks like Power Flow always has a “special” sale going on! What’s up with that?”

Very observant, Grasshopper, and quite true – we DO!

We call it our “Pick Your Price” program and here’s how it works:

Power Flow can ship a complete Tuned Exhaust System, any version, within two weeks or less. Back in the “Good ole’ (pre-2008) days” we used to sell every system at, or very close to, list price and then spend a lot of time “negotiating” with each Customer to arrive at a mutually acceptable ship date. To meet those ship dates we frequently had to pay a LOT of exorbitant “expedite” fees, overnight shipping charges and overtime rates for our own production team. Not particularly efficient and very stressful on our end because we often had no idea what (if anything) our shop crew would be doing from one week to the next.

When the good times got a little tougher we (along with all the other survivors in this industry) were forced to adapt. We eventually figured out that the further ahead we can plan our production activities, the lower the costs (and stress levels) for those operations become and we are happy to share the resulting savings with those Customers who are also able to plan ahead a little bit.

Our “Pick Your Price” program is designed to do that by offering discounts (usually anywhere from $300.00 to $1,000.00) based on the lead time you select. We review the amount of the discount(s) and the lead time required to get them every couple of weeks and make adjustments based on: #1.) Our current production backlog, and; #2.) How busy (or quiet) the sales phones and e-mailed inquiries have been.

Of course, not everybody has the luxury of waiting, and after some folks decide they want something, they want it right NOW! In those instances, we will drop everything else and focus on getting that particular system out the door ASAP – usually within a week or less, but we charge (and believe me, we earn) full list price for that extra effort.

Although most Customers seem to intuitively grasp the relationship between longer lead times and lower costs, we have had a few enterprising souls call us up wanting to place an order for delivery ASAP, but at the fully discounted price. Their rationale being something like: “Just send me the system that you built for one of those Customers who placed his order 6 – 8 weeks ago.” After congratulating them on their ability to “think outside the box”, I am compelled to point out that we would still be faced with dropping everything else and spending a lot of extra time and money to fabricate and ship a new system to replace the one we ship to them in time to meet the Ship By date we promised to our original Customer.

Another feature that the more perceptive observer might notice is what I refer to as our “Anti-Procrastination Device”. As it turns out, pilots are just as adept at that ubiquitous skill as the rest of the world. So, we give you a good reason to go ahead and take the plunge! It might be a significant discount on one of our optional upgrades, or it might be a limited time reduction in the lead time required to get the biggest discount. Whatever it is, our motivation is the same: we’d like to promote you from Perennial Prospect to Satisfied Customer as soon as possible.

If you can think of a better approach, or even if you can’t but just have an opinion you’d like to share – we’d love to hear from you.

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