Possible fit conflict with carburetor air temperature probe and Power Flow exhaust

Some aircraft equipped with an optional carburetor heat probe are finding that there is close contact between the probe and the Power Flow tuned exhaust system. Here is what we recommend:

Unfortunately some of the probes and the outer spring around the wire used for carburetor air temperature are very long and the outer spring portion makes the wire want to stick straight out of the probe by 1.5-2.0 inches thus running into or very near the Power Flow heat shroud. When we encounter this and it is the spring portion of the probe that is the problem, our advice has been to allow for an indention in the heater shroud provided that contact is not made with the underlying tubes and accept that the probe spring portion will have to be bent. This seems to have no ill effect on the operation of the probe.

An indentation on the Power Flow shroud is not a warranty violation provided it does not make contact with the underlying tubes.