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Pilot Empowerer - LEES Edition July 2020

Pushing the Boundaries...

July 9 2020

Most of us who have had any sustained success in this life realize early on that meaningful progress is just not possible from the confines of your “comfort zone”. Not to wax too philosophical about it, but there ARE certain corollaries there with one of the most crucial processes involved in exhaust system fabrication: Mandrel tube bending.

When pressure is applied to a tube to form a curve, the wall of the tube will naturally tend to wrinkle &/or tear along the inside of the curve. That’s the result of the metal trying to stay within its own “comfort zone”. If you want to get the most performance and reliability out of an exhaust system, though, those wrinkles and cracks cannot be tolerated. The cracks for obvious reasons, but the wrinkles are also detrimental as they would disrupt the laminar flow of the exhaust gases through the finished system, causing unwanted pressure pulses and interference patterns.

The insertion of a mandrel into the tube prior to the bending operation forces the material into a smooth, continuous wall of metal throughout the radius of the curve. In addition to the benefit to structural integrity, the smooth walls of the tube allow the exhaust gasses to exit the system in one smooth, uninterrupted stream (known as flow momentum).

We were pleased to put the mandrel tube bender acquired as part of our purchase of Leading Edge’s assets into operation last month. As part of our ongoing effort to integrate the production of the LEES designs with our existing Power Flow Tuned Exhaust Systems, we are excited to be bringing this critical portion of the manufacturing process “in-house”.

This milestone brings us one big step closer to our goal of expanding our own “comfort zone” to resume production of these high performance exhaust system designs.

Want To Push Some Boundaries of Your Own?

If you have already placed your order: Congratulations! Your spot in the production queue and your special pre-production pricing are both “locked-in”. We will provide you with a firm ship date for your system as soon as we are able. Current pricing for each of the LEES products is outlined below:

  • $6,650.00 for the O-470, I/O-520, or I/O-550 powered C-180, 182, & 185 airframes;

  • $2,950.00 for the C-205 through 210 airframes;

  • $4,550.00 to $5,050.00 (depending on configuration) for the O-320 & O-360 powered PA-12, 18, & 20/22 airframes.

These prices are valid for all orders placed by August 31, 2020. Starting September 1, 2020, the prices shown above will increase by $200.00 - $300.00 across the board.

An initial deposit of $750.00 will confirm an order at the discounted price and reserve a place in the production queue on a first-come / first served basis. Once we have the new production line “up & running” we will assign a firm ship date for each order on-hand. We will also ask for an additional deposit of $750.00 at that time.

The remaining balance will be due one day before each new system is shipped, with shipments beginning sometime during the third quarter of 2020 for the Cessna systems and the fourth quarter of 2020, or the first quarter of 2021 for the Piper systems.

We now have nearly 60 confirmed orders for the new LEES products, so if you’d like to get a new high performance exhaust “In the Works” for your ship, you may want to do it sooner, rather than later.

Just give us a call or click here to place your order securely on-line.

We hope these monthly updates will keep you posted on our progress,

In the meantime:

Stay Safe / Stay Healthy / &

All the Best!