Power Flow Teams Up with Maple Leaf and Customers Benefit 

 July 5, 2023   Daytona Beach, FL – Power Flow Systems has been receiving enthusiastic feedback from customers for their new high performance exhaust system that is designed for Cessna 180, 182, and 185 airframes. Many of these pilots are also fans of the performance improving speed mods for the same aircraft produced by Maple Leaf Aviation of Brandon, Manitoba, Canada and which are now available through Power Flow.

       For several years, Maple Leaf Aviation has offered a well-proven exhaust fairing for the single tailpipe configuration of the original Cessna-designed exhaust system. This fairing improves the airflow through the cowling, consistently reducing engine CHTs by 10⁰ to 15⁰ Fahrenheit.

       With the advent of the dual-exhaust pipes on Power Flow’s new design, those established customers wanted to retain the clean looks and performance benefits they enjoyed with their Maple Leaf upgrades. Now, they can.

       Satisfying this demand was not as easy as it may seem at first glance. It required the design teams at Power Flow and Maple Leaf to collaborate closely throughout a months-long development effort. The compound curves and tight quarters of the cowling meant that several iterations of the additional fairing were required before the optimal fit and finish could be achieved.

During the process, it was determined that the most cost-effective solution was to replace the current, single fairing configuration with a completely new dual fairing kit optimized specifically for the Power Flow system.

       Leveraging their decades of composite manufacturing experience, Maple Leaf will continue to produce their set of exhaust fairings. However, Power Flow is now offering Maple Leaf’s specialized set at an attractive “combined package price” to its tuned exhaust system customers. To place your order, click here.


Note: A properly designed tuned exhaust system substantially improves the efficiency of an aircraft engine, allowing it to extract more power from each combustion cycle. Power Flow tuned exhaust systems are FAA approved via an STC and provide an immediate increase in top speed capability of 4-7 MPH, or the ability to fly at current cruise speeds saving up to 2.2 GPH, plus an additional 100-250 feet per minute in climb, and an increase of 2,000’ – 5,000’ in service ceiling. For more information on Power Flow tuned exhaust systems, visit PowerFlowSystems.com.

       Maple Leaf Aviation Limited has over 70 years of experience providing aviation related products and services. For more information visit Maple Leaf Aviation.

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