Power Flow Systems Passes 20-Year Mark


Daytona Beach, FL – Power Flow Systems has completed two decades of upgrading single and twin-engine aircraft with their high performance tuned exhaust systems. In that time, they have shipped out nearly 5,500 complete units to owners of a wide range of GA aircraft that are powered by four cylinder Lycoming engines of from 150 – 210 horsepower. The top five aircraft types include single-engine Cessna’s with over 2,700 installations; Piper Cherokees with nearly 900; single and twin engine Diamond aircraft at 555; Mooney’s at 488 and Grumman owners who have installed 472 systems. The systems are also available for Beechcraft 19 & 23 series airframes, the 180HP Aviat Husky’s, and the O-320 powered Robinson R22 helicopters.

With recent changes in EASA rules, which now allow tuned exhausts in Europe, Power Flow will be making their first appearance this April at Aero Expo in Fredrichshafen, Germany.

“Pilots who fly with a tuned exhaust recognize the benefits and develop loyalty to the system,” said Darren Tilman, President of Power Flow. “We have shipped a lot of systems to owners who had a tuned exhaust with their last airplane and want it now in their new airplane.”

Power Flow tuned exhaust systems are an FAA Approved product that provides an increase of 30 to 130 additional RPM, an additional 100-250 feet per minute in climb and the ability to go the same airspeed for up 2.2 fewer gallons per hour. For more information on Power Flow Tuned Exhaust Systems visit PowerFlowSystems.com.