Extended Leadtimes for New 4 Cylinder Exhaust Systems

June 11 2022

Throughout Power Flow’s 23+ years in business, we have always worked hard to respond to the needs of our Customers. For aircraft owners, pilots, and mechanics this usually boils down to the prompt, efficient, delivery of systems and parts as well as the ability to respond quickly to AOG situations when required.

Despite our best intentions and preparations, though, the global COVID pandemic is severely affecting our ability to adhere to those standards for service and support. Our supply chain of raw materials and sub-components continues to fluctuate dramatically, often from day-to day. The disease has also affected many of our co-workers and their families directly.

Rather than quote lead times and delivery dates that we know we are unlikely to meet, our strategy for coping with this unprecedented situation is to roll out our quoted lead times for any new systems ordered. This will allow us to retain a meaningful capability to respond to the inevitable A.O.G. situations as they arise.

We recognize that it is in no one’s best interest (least of all our own) for us to keep customers waiting any longer than absolutely necessary. In our view, though, it is better to quote (and deliver on) a longer than normal ship date than to over-promise with a shorter lead time that (due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control) we are unlikely to meet.

Please be assured that we are closely and continually monitoring the status of our supply chain for any signs of sustained improvement. We are also doing everything we can (including bringing more crucial operations “in-house” and significantly increasing our inventory of parts and raw materials), to lessen our exposure to the wild swings currently disrupting most manufacturing operations throughout the country (and the World).

We look forward to the return to “business as usual” and to the resumption of our normal / preferred lead times in the not too distant future. In the meantime, though, we ask for your patience, flexibility, and cooperation as we work our way through these unprecedented challenges.

As always, we encourage you to contact us if you need an exhaust system sooner than our published next available dates as we may be able to ship a system with a surcharge.


The Power Flow Team