Coronavirus update

Coronavirus / Covid-19 statement

Updated July 3 2022 - This message will be updated as conditions change.

Power Flow is closely monitoring new developments regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic (coronavirus disease). The health and safety of our customers, employees, and communities are of the utmost importance to us.

We will continue to operate so long as we can do so safely, legally, and without negative impact to our Customers, employees, or their families. In the event that circumstances dictate a change, we have the ability to provide technical support and sales from remote locations.

This is a rapidly evolving situation that we monitor daily. A number of our vendors have already had to modify their operations and this may have an impact on our ability to produce certain parts. We strive to continue to provide the best customer service we can during this difficult period and appreciate your patience and understanding. All orders will continue to be processed and will continue to ship as long as carriers remain open for business and our customers can still receive them.

What We Are Doing:

  • We have put in place hygienic protocols and social distancing measures to combat and slow the transmission of the virus.

  • Surfaces such as desks, counters and pens are wiped regularly.

  • Employees are instructed to wash hands before and after eating as well as before returning to a work area. Employees are instructed to wash hands frequently throughout the day and after each break.

  • Any employees who have shown any symptoms or have been exposed to the virus have been asked to self-quarantine and not return to work until they have been fever / symptom free for at least 48 hours and have a negative COVID test prior to returning to work.

  • All visitors to our facility are required to be COVID symptom free and may be asked to wear a mask.

Again, the health, safety and well-being of our customers, employees and communities are critical.

Power Flow Systems, Inc. will operate business as usual with normal operations and hours but, rest assured we will monitor this quickly evolving situation. We will continue to do all that is necessary to be here and ready to assist our customers as needed.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and support.

This message will be updated as conditions change.