Pre '55 Cessna 180

Note : Power Flow Systems has purchased the assets of Leading Edge Exhaust Systems (LEES)

Bolt-On Horsepower. Complete replacement of your exhaust system. FAA approved by STC for all Pre '55 Cessna 180 aircraft

The model aircraft it was approved for have serial numbers 604, 615 and 30000 through 32661 that are equipped with FAA approved installation instructions of Continental O-470 K, L, R or S model engines. Note: Please let us know if you have the “ tilt down seaplane mount” P/N 0751003-31

  • Make your Cessna 180 a faster, higher flying bird. Similar technology has been used in race cars and motorcycles for years, now it is available for your Cessna 180. By more effectively emptying the cylinders of spent exhaust gases, this high performance exhaust system immediately gives your Cessna 180 the following improvements:

  • An increase of rpm in static thrust

  • A take-off roll that is measurably shorter

  • An improvement in the aircraft’s rate of climb

  • An increase in Cruise Speed.

  • CHT’s that are cooler across the board.

  • A Service Ceiling that is higher, with a corresponding improvement in performance at higher density altitudes

  • The back pressure has been greatly reduced with the 1-3/4″ primary tubes being large enough to handle a 550 engine. The primary tubes also incorporate a slip joint to accommodate expansion and contraction and do away with the original 2 part 1-1/2″ beaded end risers that were inherent to leakage and very difficult to remove.