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Beechcraft 19,23 Series » PFS - (Bolt-On Tuned Exhaust Kit) - Lyc.O360
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Bolt-on Horsepower.
Complete replacement of the Beechcraft exhaust system for 19A, 23, A23-19, B19, B23, C23, M19A with Lycoming O-360 engines.

List Price for Lycoming O-360 engine $4290
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After additional research and testing, Power Flow Systems, Inc. is proud to release a tuned exhaust for the Beech Sundowner series of aircraft with Lycoming O-360 engines. To maximize your gains from the exhaust, we strongly recommend you conduct a simple test with your aircraft that will identify if your carburetor is “rich” enough for a Power Flow exhaust.
Click the link below to go to our carburetor “richness” test.
Carb Rich Test

For more details on the testing how critical your fuel flow is on performance, please click the following link to go to our Forum and technical pages:  
Beech Forum
Not sure if a Power Flow is right for you and your airplane? For complete peace of mind, check out our:

Click the RFG graphic above for more details.

*For more technical information please see "Tuned Exhaust Explained" on our home page.

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