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Beechcraft 19,23 Series » PFS - (Bolt-On Tuned Exhaust Kit) - Lyc.O320
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Product Information

Power Flow Installed on B19

Power Flow Installed on B19    Co-Pilot side view of PFS installed    Ceramic Tail Pipe    Ceramic Tail pipe and support rod    
Pilot side headers    PFS Collector and scat tubes    Front view of collector    Connected Scat hoses    
PFS installed - cowl removed    Tuned Exhaust Main Components    
Bolt-on Horsepower. Complete replacement of the Beechcraft exhaust system. FAA approved by STC and for use with: 19A, 23, A23-19, B19, B23, C23, M19A with Lycoming O-320 engines.

New as of March 2018 - EASA individual aircraft STC basic approval now available. Click here for more details.

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Distinguished by a large, roomy cabin and legendary Beech Quality, the Model 19 & 23 series Musketeer and Sport aircraft inspire impressive loyalty and high levels of overall satisfaction among their many fans.

If honest, however, most of those same fans will admit that the aircraft’s take-off and climb performance are not among its most endearing attributes.

That’s precisely where Power Flow Systems can help: Our market leading Tuned Exhaust System removes the “choke hold” the aircraft’s stock exhaust system has on your engine’s performance. In so doing, it effectively applies an additional 10 – 15 horsepower directly to the propeller of your “Baby Beech”, right where it will do the most good. 

Here’s what you can realistically expect from that extra horsepower:

  • An increase of 30 – 130 rpm in static thrust
  • A take-off roll that is 100’ to 300’ shorter
  • An improvement in the aircraft’s rate of climb by 100 – 150 fpm
  • Reduced Fuel Burn (.4 – 1.0 gph) at your current cruise speed
  • CHT’s that are 15º – 30º cooler across the board.
  • A Service Ceiling that is 2,000’ – 5,000’ feet higher, with a corresponding improvement in performance at higher density altitudes

    Don't just take our word for it - listen to what one happy Power Flow customer had to say about the Power Flow tuned exhaust system on his Beech Sundowner:

    So, if you are well pleased with the creature comforts and rock-solid reliability of your Musketeer / Sport, but would be even happier if it had just a little more “Oomph”, you will find our Tuned Exhaust to be a very cost-effective solution to your quest for higher performance.

    Our industry leading 60 day money back guarantee means that if for some reason the performance benefits listed above fail to materialize on your Beech, you can return the system to us within 60 days of its installation for a full refund of your purchase price. Fine Print? You just read it.

    Price for Lycoming O-320 engine $4450:

    $4,450.00 with a Polished Tailpipe / $4,650.00 with a Ceramic Coated Tailpipe

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    Polished or Ceramic?

    The Ceramic Coated tailpipe is a cosmetic enhancement that hides the heat induced discoloration that is characteristic of stainless steel (think of the "bluing" you see on the muffler of a motorcycle).


This discoloration has absolutely no effect on performance or reliability but the ceramic coating covers it up permanently. Otherwise, the polished tailpipe begins to discolor after a few hours of flying time.


It can be re-polished anytime, but if you are proud of your Musketeer’s appearance and would rather spend your time flying than polishing, the ceramic is a nice feature to have.

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    A couple of other important pieces of information:

    #1.) We strongly recommend that the aircraft's propeller be dynamically balanced to within 0.2 ips (inches per second) upon installation of the Power Flow System and every two to four years thereafter. If the propeller is dynamically balanced within 25 flight hours of the installation of the Power Flow System and you furnish PFS with copies of the logbook entries confirming this, PFS will extend the warranty on the Tuned Exhaust System from 12 months to 24 months or 500 Flight Hours (whichever occurs first).

    Doing so every 2 - 4 years thereafter will dramatically improve the useful life and the reliability of every component that is bolted to the engine, including the Power Flow System.

    #2) The Power Flow System has no service life limit. It is designed and built to last several thousand flight hours and will quite likely be the last exhaust system you need to buy for your Beech. As with any high performance system however, it must be maintained properly. Every 500 flight hours or annually (whichever comes first) the four slip joints on the system must be cleaned and lubricated with high temperature anti-seize compound.

    Most Customers have this maintenance performed during the aircraft's annual inspection which adds about 2 hours of labor to the inspection. We have had several of our Tuned Exhaust Systems rack up over 4,000 flight hours of trouble free performance (7,000+ flight hours is the current record in a commercial operation) as long as this maintenance is performed as required.

    Still not sure if a Power Flow is right for you and your airplane? For complete peace of mind, check out our:

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