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Cessna 177RG » 1. PFS - Bolt-On Tuned Exhaust Kit - Lyc. 200/210 HP
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Product Information

Cardinal RG with Power Flow Installed

Cardinal RG with Power Flow Installed    Power Flow Tuned Exhaust System for 177RG    PFS Co-Pilot Side Headers & Tailpipe    Cabin Heat Scat Tube (CoPilot Side)    
Cabin Heat Scat Tube Inlet & Outlet (Co-Pilot Side)    Cabin Heat Scat outlet to firewall    EGT Probes Installed on PFS Headers    Pilot Side Headers    
Front view of Collector Assembly    Power Flow Tailpipe with Maple Leaf Fairing.  Please Note: Your Fairing MAY need to be repositioned.    Stock vs. Power Flow - Notice how the stock system empties into an open    
Bolt-On Horsepower. Complete replacement of your exhaust system. FAA approved by STC and for all models of Cessna 177RG equipped with Lycoming IO-360/390 engines. Note : NEW - as of March 26, 2014 The cover page of our instructions no longer lists engine applicability as only the IO360 engine. If you have the IO-390 engine it will be up to your IA to sign-off the installation. We are not aware of any incompatibilities between the IO-390 engine and the Power Flow Exhaust.

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Make your Cardinal a faster, higher flying bird. Similar technology has been used in race cars and motorcycles for years, now it is available for your Cardinal RG. By effectively emptying the cylinders, our tuned exhaust system is capable of increasing your airspeed by up to 6kts. Watch your VSI as climb increases by up to 20%.

The Power Flow is a versatile, quality constructed, complete replacement of your entire exhaust system. You are in control. For more speed, push the throttle forward and feel the extra power. For fuel savings, throttle back and fly your pre Power Flow airspeeds. The entire system is constructed from aircraft quality stainless steel and includes minimal structural welds in the cabin heat section for improved safety.

All necessary parts are included for easy installation. Systems can be installed by one of our dealers, by your local A&P, or you can fly your plane to us for a local install. Fly in with a standard Cardinal RG, fly out tuned for performance.

List Price for Lycoming 200/210 HP engine $5400
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Do you have doubts? To ensure you are happy with our product we provide you with a 60 day (from time of installation) money back guarantee. If you are not totally satisfied, for any reason, you can return the system for a full refund of your purchase price (Refer to Shipping/Return policy for details).

According to The Aviation Consumer magazine (Feb. 2009), "...the company's money back guarantee almost makes it a no-brainer to give it a try."

Still not sure if a Power Flow is right for you and your airplane? For complete peace of mind, check out our:

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*For more technical information please see "Tuned Exhaust Explained" on our home page.


Challenger Kit - C177

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