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Additional Items » Maple Leaf Fairing for C172, C177 Fixed Gear
Product Info
Product Information

Power Flow Systems, Inc. is now selling the Maple Leaf Fairing from Maple Leaf Aviation in Canada. This fairing fits aircraft with both the original/standard exhaust system or both versions of the Power Flow Exhaust (Classic and Short Stack). It is approved by FAA STC.

Note: If you have the Power Flow classic exhaust system, you might want to consider our fairing designed specifically for our exhaust. Click Here to see Power Flow Classic Custom Exhaust Fairing

The Maple Leaf fairing is made of fiberglass using a fire retardant resin. The fairing helps reduce engine temperatures and decreased the turbulence around the exhaust pipe. The fairing comes with all necessary hardware and is in a Grey Primer, ready for paint.

Applicable models: For Cessna 172 I thru S, 177 thru B - Order p/n EP5001-001.

For Cessna 177RG - Order p/n EP5001-001-RG.

For Cessna 180 C and on, Cessna 182 C thru R and all Cessna 185s, order p/n EP5002-002 (Note this is special order and may take up to 4 weeks).
177RG, 180 C and on, 182 C thru R and 185's all models.

Power Flow’s Price includes duties and fees in transporting the product from Canada to the US. Price is for US customers only.

Part #: EP5001-001

Price: $330.00
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