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Product Information

Quiet Pipe (200hp Mooney) - CERAMIC

Some comments were received regarding the increase in noise with our 1st Generation tailpipe, so we went back to the drawing board and came up with a great improvement, our Mooney "Quiet Pipe".


- Up to 13dB quieter on takeoff than your current PFS tailpipe for E & F model Mooney's.
- 3-5 dB quieteron takeoff for J models (the J model Mooney appears to be better insulated so the 1st Gen tailpipe was no as loud as in the E&F)
- 1-3 dB quieter in cruise
- Smaller diameter where the pipe connects to the collector
- 1-2 inches shorter in length
- No Loss in Cruise Speed by changing from the 1st Generation pipe to the Quiet Pipe
- Installs in the same location as the original tailpipe
- Easier routing around the cowl flap rod and out of the cowl
- Ceramic coated stainless steel pipe to keep your new tailpipe looking a nice silver color rather than turning brown over time

Part # PFS-80640-CER for PFS-16201 Power Flow Kits.

Notice the arrow in the picture on the left. This is to point out that the new tailpipe can have two different end pieces to allow it to fit both a GEN-2 and GEN-1 Power Flow Systems. The older style tailpipe was designed with a perforated stainless steel cone as its muffler, whereas the new Quiet Pipe has a complete basalt stainless steel packing inside (similar to a glass pack).

The Quiet Pipe allows for a better fit and is as the name suggests, quieter!

Unless otherwise specified, Quiet Pipe will ship in four (4) weeks or less from time of order.

*Note ALL PFS-16201-GEN2 Power Flow systems already have the quiet pipe installed.

Price: $1090.00
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