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Additional Items » Exhaust Fairing (C-172 ONLY) For Power Flow Equipped aircraft
Product Info
Product Information

This product is designed for use with a Cessna 172 with a Classic Power Flow System only. It is not needed nor will it fit with the Short Stack. It is approved under Power Flow's original exhaust STC by the FAA. The Fairing comes with all necessary hardware for installation and has been painted with a high temperature white paint.

If you don't have a Power Flow Classic (Long pipe) Exhaust installed on your aircraft, we can offer you an alternative, approved exhaust fairing. Please click here to go to the Maple Leaf Exhaust Fairing page. or copy this link into your browser. http://www.powerflowsystems.com/items.php?fi_id=45

The exhaust fairing is designed to reduce heat. The Classic tail pipe is much narrower at point of exit from the lower cowling as compared to a stock exhaust or PFS Short Stack. Because of this, at steep angles of attack, more air is allowed in than can be let out. An exhaust fairing will deflect air away from the opening, therefore allowing the engine to run cooler.

Price: $330.00
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