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Additional Items » M20 E,F,J Pre-Heat (PFS-16201 all versions)
Product Info
Product Information

Part #: PFS-51310

updated 2.09.16
Want to get even more heat from your Power Flow Tuned exhaust system on your 200 HP Mooney? This pre-heat will do it.

Originally designed for the first generation PFS-16201 (all PFS-16201 s/n below 118, and all aircraft with a LoPresti cowling), this preheat kit attaches to one of the exhaust headers and gets really hot. Your outside air comes into the pre-heat, gets hot and then exits the pre-heat shroud and enters the main heater shroud on the tuned exhaust system.

Our northern, super cold winter flyers tell us that when the pre-heat shroud is added it makes a noticeable improvement in the first generation exhaust and brings the heat capability to approximately equivalent with the original exhaust.

Our second generation Power Flow (PFS-16201-GEN2) has a bigger central heater by design which work very well for most customers. However, you can add this pre-heat to that design as well to get even more heat.

The kit includes the heater shroud and two lengths of additional SCAT tube. To install, you will need to temporarily drop the PFS exhaust system down and remove one header. Basically you install the shroud wherever you have enough room to make it fit and route the SCAT tubes. This is what we have found to be easiest for the different versions:
- PFS-16201 with original 2 piece #4 header (p/n 14300) – Install pre-heat on lower portion of 14300 (see Detail C in our installation instructions).
- PFS-16201 with “Lopresti headers” (one piece #4) – Install pre-heat on #1 header.
- PFS-16201-GEN 2 – Install pre-heat on #2 header.

Estimated time to install the pre-heat kit is 1 hour for the actual exhaust work plus allow for up to another hour for cowling removal and installation. On an E or F with the stock cowlings, you might have a little more time involved due to reduced access to the exhaust.

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Price: $225.00
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