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Air Filter - AA5-B
Air Filter - C-150 & Aviat Husky
Air Filter - C172

Air Filter - C177

Air Filter - M20 A,B,C,D,G

Air Filter - M20 E & F

Air Filter - M20 J

Air Filter - PA18

Air Filter - PA28
Air Filter Gasket for C-150 and Aviat Husky

Bracket Air Filter (AA5 above s/n 640, all AA5A) - part# BA347E

Exhaust Fairing (C-172 ONLY) For Power Flow Equipped aircraft

Exhaust hardware and gasket Pack - p/n 10310

Filter Gasket - C172

Filter Gasket - C177

Filter Gasket - M20 A,B,C,D,G

Filter Gasket - M20 E & F

Filter Gasket - M20 J

Filter Installation Kit - C177

Filter Installation Kit C172

Filter Installation Kit M20 A,B,C,D,G

Filter Recharge Kit - All models

Filter Sealing Grease - Piper,Grumman,Cub

Gross Weight Increase (C172N ONLY)

Hartzell 2-Blade Aluminum Propeller

M20 E,F,J Pre-Heat (PFS-16201 all versions)

Maple Leaf Fairing for C172, C177 Fixed Gear
Maple Leaf Fairing for C177RG
Metal Heater Vent - Aviat Husky

Muffler Insert - PFS-8016

Polishing Kit (non-ceramic finish)

Quiet Pipe (200hp Mooney) - CERAMIC

Quiet Pipe (200hp Mooney) - POLISHED
Vernier Mixture Control - Aviat Husky only
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