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Unread 08-16-2007, 05:21 PM
jtreed jtreed is offline
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Default What kind of #'s

To O-320 owners...what kind of numbers are you reporting as far as climb, RPM and fuel burn?
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Unread 09-03-2007, 04:36 PM
BobLewis BobLewis is offline
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Default performance

If you are a BAC member you probably read my post. I had excellent numbers from a 5500 mile cross country I completed two weeks prior to the powerflow install. I loaded the plane exactly as the trip and had heat similar to what I encountered. The first thing I noticed was a static RPM increase of 130 RPMs. On the trip I couldn't produce enough RPM with the heat and weight to make altitude without flying off some time for a fuel burn. The powerflow let me climb right up to the altitude without step climbing or fuel burn delays. I saw a 10 MPH increase in speed. I could throttle back and save fuel but, I'm only burning 8.5 now and I would rather have speed. At lower altitudes (7500) I see the 2700 RPM redline and need to throttle back to avoid exceeding it. I have a horizon tach so I know the read out is exact.
Here are the figures, Plane, full fuel, gross /plus,(I weigh 170 my pass weighed 300) 90 degree day(engine is the STC'd 160, with the powerflow, 280 SMOH Engine and prop-fixed pitch 60")
Cruise climb at 100 MPH on all figures except level speed runs
4500 Ft-DA 7100 Ft 500 FPM
5500 FT - DA 8250 300 FPM
6500 Ft-DA 8900 300 FPM
7500 Ft-DA 10065 100-150 FPM
8500 Ft- DA 11500-100 FPM
Note that during my trip with similar weight and heat I could not obtain these climb figures and had to thermal up on two occassions to make enroute altitudes. This left me being beat by turbulance on one leg and engulfed in smoke from forrest fires , limited visibility and smokey smell on another. If I could have obtained 50 more RPMs, I would have been out of both situations.
Straight and level flight at 8500 FT-DA 11500 was 110 indicated. During the trip it was 100 indicated. I saw an increase of 10 MPH. At 7500 Ft -DA 10065, I saw an indicated 115 MPH. I never saw this speed on the trip. These true out to 130.6 at 8500 and 134 at 7500.
Now for solo, full fuel and 90 degrees, I climbed to 8500 ft. I flew a route I have flown several times in the past and at cooler temps. I made the 8500 Ft 20 miles sooner than before. I found this impressive. I pick up 8 MPH with the lighter load. I hope this helps -I am pleased and would do this again !! I can now make all my MEAs unlike before. It's great.
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