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Unread 09-16-2008, 06:14 PM
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Cool Tyler's Corner

DAY 1, Sept. 8, 2008.

In the past 2 years I've spent with Power Flow I've heard many questions, comments, and concerns. The most popular and obvious question being, "what kind of performance gains will I see". Until now, I have only been able to give you official numbers and data widely accepted as accurate.

Last week was the first time I was able to assist in the flight testing of the Cardinal RG giving me first hand knowledge of the before and after numbers. The first flight was flown in stock configuration departing from Daytona Beach International Airport (DAB). Upon reaching 2500 feet we leveled off and stabilized the airplane.

Once established, we tested for speed and fuel flow at a full rich mixture setting. At each RPM (2400,2500,2700) the airplane was flown for 3 minutes to ensure the validity of the numbers. Once all the data was recorded we asked ATC for an initial descent to 250 feet, followed by a climb to 11,500 feet.

Might I remind you, though I was not flying, this was my first experience in a Cardinal RG and I immediately felt the power compared to my usual 172 flying. Knowing how good the stock system was performing only hyped me up to go along for the up coming Power Flow test.

Now, back to the climb. Starting level at 250 feet we began our climb at Vy. At 500 feet and every 500 foot interval there after, I noted our time passing through the altitude, our fuel flow, and outside air temperature. EGT and CHT temps were taken every few thousand feet.

How passionate am I about flying? Well lets say I was so thrilled to be in the air that I forgot to eat lunch prior to the flight. You may think climbing for 20 + minutes and recording data would be boring, but compared to sitting at an office desk, hearing airplanes, seeing airplanes, but being grounded, I'll record data any day of the week!

Again I digress, but hey it's my log, right? At altitude, 11,500 feet, the air temperature had dropped significantly to 49 degrees F. Too cold for shorts? Nah, nothing a couple pilots from the north couldn't handle. Yes, I live here in Florida but I will always be from Steeler country! Go black and gold.

At 11-5 we performed the same tests as at 2500 ft., however this time we tested 2200,2300,2400,2500, and 2700 RPM. When those data points were recorded and Darren stopped yawning, we descended down to 8,500 feet to perform the test at 2400,2500,2700 RPM. And yes, both of us have had high altitude training, hyperbaric chambers are interesting. If you've never done it, I highly recommend it. You'll even get a nice paper certificate along with a logbook endorsement.

Ok, now back on in to Daytona for our bird to get outfitted with a Power Flow Tuned Exhaust. The best darn exhaust there is 'I tell you what'. Yes, I've been in the south for eight years now, I do talk like that. G-U-M-P check, over the fence gear down confirmed, picture perfect landing by our very own GM Darren Tilman. :::applause:::

C'mon, did you really think I'd bad mouth the landing of the man who signs my pay checks...NO WAY. Besides, the last landing I did was not exactly text book. With our flight complete, engine shut down, our bird was pushed back into the hanger where she'd be given new life with a Power Flow.

Stayed tuned for periodic updates as I get to tag along on flights (between hurricanes, tropical storms and floods). Next Test = Power Flow Prototype.
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Unread 09-17-2008, 11:27 AM
jtreed jtreed is offline
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Default Day 2 - Sept. 9, 2008

Alright, now comes the fun part, flying with the Power Flow prototype exhaust bolted up and ready to go. As I told you before, I've flown with a PFS exhaust, but never have I experienced the before and after flights, nor have I flown any airplane with anything experimental attached. I am sure you all know, each new system is classified as experimental prior to FAA certification, thus adding an extra hoop for us to jump with our insurance provider. Fortunately we have a good provider so its not such a big deal..."oh hear comes Power Flow again, what do they want this time?".

All of what I am going to share with you is based on personal opinion and only reflects one set of test flights. With that being said, lets get this show on the road.

Today was much like the previous day, very similar temperatures, the same prevailing wind, about the same cloud layers etc. Two big differences for the day, 1.) The Power Flow is now installed 2.) I am now a year older, today is my birthday. Pre-start check list complete, clear prop, and the engine begins to pur, breathing smoothly with her new pipes. Initial impression not verified with an electronic tool is that the Power Flow appeared to be just slightly louder, however a smoother and deeper tone.

ATIS noted, ground called, taxi to 7L via Sierra, Whisky, Papa, P2 Departure. Here comes a Delta jet, down the taxi way running parallel to us. Run up complete, Daytona tower called...hold short. "Hold short I have a Delta jet wheels up time approaching...Delta _ _ _ cleared for take off". Great, now we have to wait at least 2 minutes for wake turbulence. Booooooo.

Finally, Cardinal RG cleared for take off. Don't ever badmouth the Daytona controllers, they do a heck of a job and always manage to accommodate us (even when dealing with what seams like thousands of Embry-Riddle flights daily). When Darren pushed the throttle full forward I immediately felt a difference in performance. Though we did not quantify our take off distance between yesterday and today, using landmarks on the field I could tell we got off the ground in a shorter period of time. This test was for Climb and Cruise, the exact same profile as yesterday.

The seat of the pants pilot in me tells me we have more power, so we'll find out when we start recording the data. At 2500 feet were consistently faster for almost a negligible change in fuel flow. The Power Flow was able to produce the same airspeed at 2400 RPM as the stock was able to produce at 2700 RPM. In the sales and marketing department we always say, fly the same airspeed to save fuel. This was the first time I'd actually seen just how much you could save by throttling back and flying pre-Power Flow airspeeds. With out blabbing numbers that have not yet been verified, I will say that it was a significant change.

Following yesterdays profile it was now time to climb. After passing through several altitudes I already new we would reach top of climb (TOC) faster than before. Reaching 11,500 ft. my predictions were correct, we did indeed reach TOC faster and not by mere seconds, but I'm talking minutes. Being the person taking down numbers has its advantages, my prediction was less of a prediction and more of an educated estimate based on the planes performance early on.

All of our products are known to make an airplane climb better. Will a Power Flow suddenly turn your plane into an F-22 Raptor and enable it to do a vertical climb? No, unless you want to stall or initiate a spin! It will however give you a nice boost and shorten tour time to TOC.

Our tests at 11,500 & 8,500 also yielded positive results inline with what was to be expected. Speed increases, better fuel economy, but the most noticeable of all was the uniformity of CHT and EGT's. Our JPI no longer looked like a stock market chart after receiving good and bad news in sequence. The readings were now so close you could practically draw a straight line across.

This is important to note because it will affect your leaning techniques. Sure if you have a JPI you can lean to 50 rich of peak or whatever mixture setting you desire, but which cylinder is that based on, one or all. With a stock system it is likely based on one cylinder hitting its leanest point faster than the others. With the Power Flow they are all very close so instead of one cylinder going lean, all will go lean within a short period of time.

How does this affect you? It means you will get a more abrupt drop off rather than "getting rough" as you would with a stock system. It means you will have to be more aggressive, no more..."ehhh its about a inch from the firewall that should be good". Proper leaning is important to fuel economy, speed, and in some cases even engine life.

After we did all of the testing we landed in Flager County Airport to get some lunch. I never thought the only person to take me out on my birthday would be my boss, but hey, who says your boss has to be the bad guy? After a quick lunch it was back to the plane to perform all the tests again. Both flights yielded almost identical numbers hopefully solidifying the validity of the data.

Tests completed, back to Daytona. On the ground and time to pack up my things and head on home. Upon opening the door there stood my girlfriend, card, cake, balloons and everything. Hmmmmm almost seems like this was planned doesn't it. Apparently it was not but what a great day, flying, food, balloons, cake, ahhhh what's that feeling?...must be satisfaction.

The day is complete, time to settle on in to the couch, watch some ESPN, sip an ice cold Yuengling (brewed just minutes from my hometown in PA), and hope to see some Steelers highlights on Sportscenter.


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Unread 09-27-2008, 04:43 PM
jimbtv jimbtv is offline
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Default Tyler's Test Ride

While we all appreciate the effort you put forth to document your experiences, you realize that you also open yourself up for criticizm. There is one glaring problem that I have with your write-up...

It's "Go Stillers!", not Steelers. Now I have to wonder if you are truly from Stiller Country.

Tyler, thank's a lot for the great post! While it shares the possibilities of the PowerFlow system on the 177RG, it goes much further to demonstrate the joys of aviation.

Have an Iron City for me.

Jim Minetti
Colchester, VT
(guess where I was born and raised!)
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Unread 09-29-2008, 10:50 AM
jtreed jtreed is offline
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Default RE: JimBTV

Hmmmm...you know you're football! STILLERS! I'm from the Lehigh Valley, but we've always been Pitt Fans (Panthers, Pens, "Stillers", and Pirates).

I hope my writings on here are more entertaining than straight numbers and facts. In my opinion it is important that our customers know that I, and many others here at Power Flow truely love aviation. “The desire to fly is an idea handed down to us by our ancestors who...looked enviously on the birds soaring freely through space...on the infinite highway of the air.” -Wilber Wright

Monday Night Football - Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore
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Unread 12-12-2008, 09:48 AM
jtreed jtreed is offline
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Default Re: Tyler's Corner

Hey Cardinal guys, another Friday is here so I though I'd give you a real quick shout. Last week we brought our test bed aircraft back in, which had been flying around for over a month in the "experimental" category, and re-installed the exhaust to put the aircraft back into the certified world. So what does that mean?

Officially, the first Cardinal RG (non-experimental) is now out and ripping through the sky. Our next local install is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 15th, with another soon after the Christmas (Holiday) break.

I have been taking some video footage of the installs and hope to have short clips posted to either our website or "YouTube" by the end of next week.

We have also started to charge credit cards with the next round of deposits, $1500. You will not be charged this amount until I personally contact you or you call in to approve it. If you would like to get it taken care of sooner, before I call you, send me an email to JTReed@powerflowsystems.com. Include: 1.) Confirmation that it is ok to take the deposit 2.) That you want ceramic or polished, most of you have already done this 3.) Do you want the Challenger Air Filter, most of you have done this already as well. 4.) Are you still, or are you now interested in a local install? 5.) Please verify shipping information.

Thank you...turns out this is longer than I intended. Have a great weekend.

-Tyler Reed
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