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Unread 08-31-2007, 04:48 PM
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Default Can I Install EGT Probes in My PFS Exhaust?

Absolutely. Probes should be installed in accordance with the airframe manufacturer's recommendations. When using an aftermarket engine analyzier (JPI, EI, GEM, etc.) it is best to follow their instructions if available. Some aircraft have a single probe in the tailpipe. If you're installing a probe in this manner, avoid placing the probe in a slip joint.

If specific instructions don't exist for your installation, we recommend that you install them in the same manner as the original exhaust (same location).
If you don't have an original exhaust to compare to, we recommend placing the probe(s) 2 to 4 inches from the port. Make sure that all of the probes are the same distance from their respective exhaust ports. Use a sharp drill bit and lubricate it to keep it cool. Our exhaust tubes are thicker than most others.

As with any STC, it is the responsibility of the installer to determine compatibility with earlier design changes (STCs).
Tom Strohmayer
Engineering Manager
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Unread 01-20-2009, 06:05 PM
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Default Re: Can I Install EGT Probes in My PFS Exhaust?

Some systems, such as Alcor, utilize a ring clamp to hold the EGT probe in place against the header.

If installing this type of EGT probe on a Power Flow System with tapered diameter headers (such as on the Tuned Exhaust System for Mooney's), install the ring clamp with probe on the constant diameter portion of the header immediately downstream of the taper.

The ring clamp is designed for use on flat surfaces and will not fasten securely to the tapered portion of the PFS exhaust header.
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