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Default Re: Final (#) of deposits received

We ended-up with 26 confirmed deposits on the Aviat Husky program, after asking initial deposit holders to confirm their deposits based upon our actual testing results, rather than our initial estimates. Although we wanted to have 30 as our minimum number, we also were committed to bringing the Power Flow to the Husky and decided to complete the program.

Our initial FAA Approval in July 2010 is for the A1B and A1C-180 models. We have applied to the FAA to add the earlier, A1 and A1A models to our STC and hope to receive approval by the end September 2010. We started shipping systems for the A1B and A1C-180 models in August, and expect to have shipped systems for all or our deposit holders by the end of November (pending FAA approval on the A1,A1A.)

We are very grateful to all the supporters of our exhaust system and for Jim Taylor's (McCreery Aviation) persistence and dedication in helping to make this a new product.
Darren Tilman
General Manager
Power Flow Systems, Inc.
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