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Default Cowl opening

Hi Darren, I installed the powerflow onto my A23-19. I didn't need the supplied flange as it turned out I had room for the original ducting. Also, instead of adding the reducer for the carb heat and air intake in the muffler shroud, I simply removed the wire form the ducting and then used a hose clamp to hold it in place. The extra material from the 3" scat attaching to the 2 1/2 inch flange didn't cause a sealing issue. This also allowed room for the carb box. Had I put the reducer in place, it would have allowed the ducting to the carb heat to move rearward and into the nose wheel steering area causing it to rub. By using the 3" duct with the wire removed, it didn't cause this to occur. I also enlarged the cowl opening 1 1/2 inches, length wise. This gave the necessary clearance as required in the install instructions. I added a doubler to the opening. Overall, it was an easy install. The attachment of the duct to the lower cowl and fresh air inlet of the shroud was a real bear but, it would be anyway. The powerflow opens up the back of the engine and makes oil changes a snap. Overall, I'm pleased.
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