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tstrohmayer 08-14-2007 03:19 PM

Most Common Combo
Help us determine the most common airframe/engine combination for this series of aircraft. Please let us know what model RV you fly or are building and the engine you chose (please use the complete engine model designation).
For example: RV-6A with Lycoming IO-360-A3B6

If you created an engine "hybrid" please let us know how you made it,
i.e. IO-360-M1A with -A1A Cylinders.

Allen Buckley 02-18-2008 06:44 PM

High Performance RV-7A
My name is Allen and I take delivery of my RV-7A kit shortly. We will be building full time and if all goes well we could see it take flight by this years end.
The question right now is which engine.
While the RV specs call for a max of 200hp , it is my hope to achieve this hp or more if possible from an IO-360 horrizontal valve engine to maximize power to weight ratio. Constant speed prop.
Of course reliability is still paramount.
I have read about this Power Flow exhaust system as well as a number of other mods like electronic ignition etc , which are all supposed to improve performance , lower fuel flow , reduce temps , and so on.
Is there ony one out there who has experience in this field and can suggest which engine & mods to achiece the above ?.
I am presently consulting with AirSportPower and Lycon.
Allen B ( Australia )

tstrohmayer 02-20-2008 12:57 PM

It sounds like you have a well thought out plan so far. I have not worked with AirSportPower before, but we have worked extensively with Lycon and can attest to their expertise and talent when it comes to tweaking these engines. Your situation is an example of why we have so much difficulty designing a great tuned exhaust for these airplanes. You have so many options to choose from when buying or building your engine that a one-size-fits-all exhaust system will be a compromise in more ways than one.

What we would like to do, is identify the most common configurations and build an exhaust specifically for those configurations that maximizes performance, without any compromise.

Please let us know what engine configuration you end up with.

jmasura 05-13-2008 02:54 PM

RV exhaust
I have a couple of customers interested in a Power Flow system.

RV-6 with an O360-A1A Modified with a Airflow Performance fuel injection system

RV-4 with an O320 E2D

The systems I have installed so far on Cessna's and Piper's work just great. Hope we can get some on the RV's out there.

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