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5 thoughts on “What is all this for?

  1. Tom Saxon

    Darren and all PFS guys:

    Congrats on the record sales at Oshkosh! You have a quality product and great customer service. It’s nice to see the good guys do well…………..Now get to work! Cheers, Tom Saxon in Leesburg, VA.

  2. Don Anderson Post author

    Hey Bob: We do not offer a system for the Archer as with the PA 28-161,181 and their “cross over exhaust”, they already have better performance (especially compared to earlier models) making any noticeable performance gains from tuning limited. If you would like to discuss details with us, give us a call at 386-253-8833. Thanks for the comment!


  3. Sam Davis

    we have a Cessna 172 K with the classic style powerflow system and we love it. however it is showing signs of ware and was looking into what can be done to repair/replace. is there an expected life out of a system or is it an as needed basis

    1. Darren Tilman

      Glad you love your Power Flow, Sam. We don’t have any stated lifetime components except for the muffler insert which is expected to be 400-800 hours. All parts are to be replaced on condition. For our 2nd generation systems, all parts are normally in stock for replacement (our p/n PFS-13204). If your exhaust system was purchased before 2004 then it will likely be our 1st generation system (PFS-13201, PFS-13202, PFS-13203). You can reference each part on our new Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC). Go to: http://powerflowsystems.com/guides.php (or click on installation guides) to see the part listing. email us: web at powerflowsystems.com and we’ll be happy to advise pricing on whatever you are looking for.

      Darren Tilman


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