EASA approvals for Power Flow STCs now available

Updated: 03/01/2018

Power Flow Tuned Exhaust Systems – Now Sporting a Certain “European Flair”!

Up until December 2017, European fixed-wing pilots have not been able to easily install Power Flow exhaust systems onto their EASA registered aircraft.  Unless Power Flow already held EASA validation on the STC’d kit specific to their aircraft, the governing agency would not approve the installation.   The company had attempted a couple of EASA validations on their STCs at a cost of several thousand dollars but encountered a variety of obstacles which prevented full validation.

Now, thanks to a recent policy change, EASA registered aircraft may apply for a specific single airframe serial number approval from EASA for a one time application fee of 200 Euros.  EASA says that provided that the STC meets seven specific criteria (all of which are met by all of the company’s Tuned Exhausts), they will issue the approval.  EASA further guarantees that they will either issue an approval specific to that aircraft or they will refund the Customer’s application fee.    

Working through their Authorized Dealer in the U.K., Airspeed Aviation, LTD in Derby, the company has successfully received approval for two Cessna 177RG aircraft. They have also received approval for a Mooney M20J that had been trying for over five years to navigate the difficulties of obtaining EASA approval for the installation as well as a Diamond DA40.

The EASA approval process generally takes less than 30 days and requires that Power Flow provide a letter of authorization specific to a particular aircraft.  Power Flow provides this letter at no cost.  For UK customers, we direct all inquiries through our exclusive UK Authorized Dealer, Airspeed Aviation.

“We are thrilled that EASA has created a pathway through the regulations to allow EASA aircraft owners to benefit from the terrific safety and performance improvements that a Power Flow exhaust adds to their aircraft.” stated Darren Tilman, General Manager of Power Flow Systems.

For more details on the EASA rule change, go to:


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