Change for Cessna Short Stack Installations

November 10, 2017 – After feedback from installations in the field and our own experiences in-house, we have implemented a change in our installation that affects C172, C175, and C177 fixed gear aircraft with short stacks.  Over the years we received a few reports that the installation of the Power Flow exhaust short stack could result in the exhaust stack not being centered when coming out of the existing cowling hole.  When this occurred, it was typically displaced to the outboard side.

Typical Stock Exhaust:


The Power Flow as originally installed, pre-modification:


To address this, beginning with kits that were shipped in October, we have added an additional step to trim the 4 to 1 (the part that the short stack slides onto on the main heater section) slightly to allow for a more centered placement of the short stack.


This change also affects aircraft with the classic installation, however the tube coming out of the cowling on the classic installation is a 2.0 inch diameter instead of a 3.0 inch diameter, so displacement was not noticeable and had not been reported.

This will result in a nicer looking final product, easier installation and improved clearance for exhaust fairings.

We are always striving to make all our products, both future and existing, the very best we can produce. We always appreciate feedback from our customers, as it helps us to achieve this goal.

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