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How to use our new Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC)

Rev. 12/16/18

Power Flow Systems, Inc.

How to use our Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC)


  1. Go to the Power Flow Systems Website ( and click on Installation Guides/ICAWS.
  2. Once on the web page, find your aircraft’s manufacturer, and then click the plus sign next to the manufacturer’s name. (This document will follow the procedures for a Cessna 172.)
  3. This will open up a sub-menu that contains all of the Power Flow Systems documentation for that manufacturer.
  4. Next, look for your aircraft model (bolded and underlined). This section will contain all documents pertaining to that aircraft model.
  5. If there are multiple systems for your aircraft type, you will need to determine which exhaust kit is on your aircraft. This can be done by looking at the black serial number tag on your exhaust heater shroud. Typically the black serial number tag can be found on the right-hand side of the exhaust system either on the plate where the two headers enter the shroud or on the bottom of the shroud. This is what an exhaust serial number tag looks like:

    There is an alternate way to determine which kit is on your aircraft and it is to read the product descriptions next to the kit numbers and use the Illustrated Parts Catalogs to narrow down which one is on your aircraft.

  6. You will then click on Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC) which will download the file to your computer.
  7. Open the IPC. The IPC contains several drawings containing every single configuration that was produced, and the last page shows a table (called Bill of Materials, or BOM) listing the parts description with notes.  The IPC will look something like this:Let’s say a customer is looking to replace the muffler insert on his or her Cessna 172.
  8. The customer will navigate to the page depicting the tailpipe sub assembly. Once the customer gets to that page, he or she will notice that there are two different tailpipes.
  9. The customer will then need to look at his or her aircraft and identify which one is on the plane. For this example, the customer will have the short stack configuration. The customer will then notice that there is a number 21 pointing to the cone shaped insert.
  10. The customer will then proceed to the Bill of Materials (BOM) table at the end of the document. From here, he or she will be able to notice that number 21 corresponds to a silencer cone. The last column states the part is included in PFS-80011 (Tailpipe assembly) or PFS-8310 (which is the insert and the hardware to hold it in the tailpipe).  Items in bold represent what is typically or commonly ordered and is also directing you to the correct part number for ordering.  In this case, PFS-8310 is what you want to order.If you look at the layout of the BOM, the top level assembly (or the complete assembly) of the short stack tailpipe is our p/n 80011.  It consists of (1) 8011 + (1) 8310 + (3) An526C832R6 Screws + (3) MS21042L08 Nuts. Items that are indented are sub-components of that top level assembly.If you were to order a PFS-8310, that part number will also include the 3 screws and nuts – as noted by the last column that states “INC. IN PFS-80011 OR PFS-8310”.
  11. The customer will then contact Power Flow Systems at (386) 253-8833 to order the new silencer cone, our p/n PFS-8310 and that will include both the Silencer Cone and the necessary hardware to install it. One important thing to remember:  Power Flow Systems, Inc. will sell parts to the registered tail number/registration mark of a particular aircraft for the specific kit we have a record of selling to that specific aircraft.  If the aircraft that the Power Flow exhaust system is installed on was not the original aircraft that the kit was sold for, you will have to request an STC transfer from Power Flow Systems, Inc. before you can purchase any parts for the exhaust system.  As of the time of this writing, the STC transfer fee is a one-time licensing fee of $300.00 (subject to change).

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: (386) 253-8833 or